Saturday, September 5, 2015

Bio Medical Project 9-15


Band is most common today. this is one rehabilitation project based simple principle.
Blind people feel the vibration if some object in front of the.This is suitable for all.


Diabetic Patient mostly suffer from infection in hand and leg to detect and for proper treatment this is one diagnostic equipment. It is based on simple principle of vibration fix the amount of vibration and choose few points on feet for detection.This project requires a lot bucks so not suitable for diploma.


This is very easy project compared to the all other rehabilitation projects. just require a sensor as ON/OFF switch all other things are common like Spot light.Spot light is based on simple concept just need 12 v Transformer and mains and one PHILIPS 12 v bulb for better intensity.


Patient warmer is one essential equipment in all hospitals but all are based on manual program so it can be one innovative idea for all kind of patient because sometimes patient need more worm temperature so required temperature sensed by sensor and according to that deliver the hot air.


For weight loss many people paying so mach but weight calculation is such a easy task so this device require both the software and hardware so just enter the detail and it will detect all the things automatically and give the result for required time for exercise.This is one costly project so suitable for only students of masters.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Mostly all students face common issue in their last year..
I would like to focus on some major but important projects that leads you up to AA Grade.


Wireless ECG

This document contains the development of an amplifier for an ECG-signal and interfacing it to wireless communication. The purpose of this project is to get a clear ECG-signal without any noise, save it and send it through wireless communication.

Bio-Potential Robotic Arm.

Bio potential robotic arm that capture EMG from surface of the body,and with that EMG signal control the

Robotic Arm according to movement of body surface.

Drowsiness Detection system.

That Capture the signal from Eye called as EOG and ring the buzzer if person feel sleepy while the driving.
main purpose to reduce the road accident.

Lase cane.

Rehabilitation purpose.laser cane is  mainly for the blind people.Blind Person feels the vibration while some object near him. Vibration can be replace by the alarm than it would be not useful for Blind and deaf people.

Nebulizer with smooth fume.

Nebulizer is a smallest medical asset, but output of nebulizer is dry air so actually it is not suitable for all ages
by use of humidity control device it is possible to convert it.

Hotler With 7 Days Recording.

Holter is one important medical device for continuous recording of ECG. As per market maximum 72 hour recording is possible so this can be the new invention.


Mouse control Wheel chair. 

Wheelchair is in huge demand right now.but all automatic chairs are too much this is one unique project for all diploma and bachelor students.Interface between chair wheels and mouse.

Motion Gloves

This is for the paralysis patients. that generates force against patients hand so it is very helpful for the in exercise. this cost around 30000 so it is not suitable for BE and Diploma Students.

9)Pulseoxymeter with Android application

Sensor of pulse is easily available in market but it is little bit tough to combine it with application but it is one innovative project and suitable for all courses.